Lifehealth was one of the first NGO’s to campaign for women’s rights in the Middle East and continues to advocate for change. Lifehealth has sought to address numerous issues, including people trafficking, child & adolescent health and refugee support. Lifehealth relies on a group of rapid response volunteers to assist people impacted by humanitarian crises. We work in over 20 crisis-affected countries throughout Europe and the Middle East.  We deliver lasting impact by providing health care, water, food, medicines, and bringing some measure of relief those who are in desperate need of help.

Life Health Values

Too much research is done for research’s sake. We believe that improving lives is our number one priority and that research is only relevant when it affects human lives.

We recognise that excellent research is not enough and that it requires development, mobilisation, and exposure. So we promise to set agendas, create context, inform leaders, start debates, and advocate for research that can and will make a difference.

As trusted sources of information, the Lifehealth sets extremely high standards for publishing, and we are committed to ensuring that our editorial processes meet our standards of excellence. From peer review, through our in-house editing process, production, to publication and beyond, the entire Lifehealth team employs best practice publishing at all times.

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