Russia Invades

Countless lives in Ukraine are being torn apart by violence. Women and children in particular are most affected. They are falling prey to human traffickers, violence and lack of accommodation. But with your support we can change that.


EU Responds

Lifehealth is an independent humanitarian group providing critical care to people who can neither afford nor have access to basic medical support. Through our core volunteer network we provide essential medical care and aid.


Blinded by Bombs

This is Olena with her 5-year-old twins, Nazar and Timur. All three were blinded when a bomb fell on their home near Dnipro in eastern Ukraine. It took them seven days to reach Poland, where they received sight saving surgery.


2.5 Million Homeless

Lifehealth is working closely with aid-agencies on the ground in Poland and Romania supporting women and children fleeing Ukraine in the wake of one of the worst humanitarian catastrophe’s since WWII.


Bombing Increases

The war in Ukraine has wreaked havoc on children’s lives. Normal life is next to impossible and many are now living below ground to try and survive. Lifehealth are working hard to rescue as many of these victims as possible.


4 Million Homeless

Millions of women and children fleeing Ukraine have little control over where they live, where to go, or what to do next. Children, in particular, are the most vulnerable victims of all and need increased protection.

Over 4 Million Refugees Are Homeless

Ukraine is a dangerous place to be a child.

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We desperately need more Ambulances and medical supplies to support our ongoing emergency efforts in Ukraine.



When responding to emergencies, speed matters.

We are a registered charity providing emergency response volunteers.


Professional Paramedics

Rapid Response Teams

Emergency Medical Supplies Are Urgently Needed – Learn more

Pulse Oximeters

Paramedic Kits


Heartstart mrx

Field Dressings

Can You help?

We need your ongoing support to provide aid to the most vulnerable people inside Ukraine and along its borders, especially those trying to get to safety.
Women and children attempting to flee the conflict are cold, hungry, and afraid. For those in need of urgent medical aid, we are limited by the number of ambulances available but hope to increase those numbers in the weeks ahead.

Partners & Sponsors

Part of Lifehealth‘s global campaign is to provide a rapid response service for people in need. With the ultimate goal of saving lives, none of this would be possible without the generous support of our partners and sponsors including the general public.