The Cancer Protocol is a cutting-edge documentary exploring the relationship between cancer and diet. In association with Dr. Colin Campbell’s book, The China Study, the film investigates some extraordinary success stories of how patients have dramatically reversed their cancer prognosis against insurmountable odds.


“The Documentary Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to See!”


The Cancer Protocol gets up close and personal with a disease that will threaten 1 in 4 of us by the age of 70. Seen through the eyes of patients and their families, this deeply intimate portrayal follows the daily struggles of a number of volunteers as they face a life-threatening disease that has taken over their lives.

The Challenge

As a Lifehealth volunteer you can make a big difference to people’s lives and join the fight to cure cancer. Your unique talents will make a real difference and you can choose from a number of volunteer positions that will help you learn valuable new skills. Contact us today and discover how rewarding it is to be a Lifehealth volunteer.


We aim to see measurable results among our volunteers and to show that a plant-based diet does not lead to a deterioration in health, tumor progression or malnutrition in test subjects. * For test purposes, Tumor behaviour is categorized into four groups: a) complete remission, b) partial remission, c) no change or d) tumor progression. 

“I believe the link between dairy and breast cancer is as
strong as the link between smoking and lung cancer”

Professor Jane Plant

The subject of Cancer has dominated news headlines for over several decades, touching off discussions about possible cures and the influence of various food-stuffs have on our health. These same issues continue to be debated more than two decades later; and the frustration that we seem no closer to a cure has reached a tipping point across many states in the US.. Learn more

Kevin H.

Prostate Cancer

Cancer Protocol Volunteer

IT Specialist. 54 Year Old male diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2011

Samantha J.

Breast Cancer

Cancer Protocol Volunteer

Legal Secretary diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2014.

Martin M.

Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer Protocol Volunteer

Retired US Veteran. 62 years old, diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 2015

Patricia R.

Skin Cancer

Cancer Protocol Volunteer

Community Welfare Officer, 47 years old, diagnosed 2013.

Kimmy G.


Cancer Protocol Volunteer

17 year old high-school student, diagnosed with Leukemia 2015.

New Cancers

The number of new cancer cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades.

High Risk Locations

Over 60% of new cases annually are occurring in Africa, Asia and Central & South America.

Cancer Causes

Over 33% of cancer deaths are due to bad diet, lack of physical activity, tobacco and alcohol use.

Low-income Risks

In many low-income countries, up to 20% of cancer deaths are due to infection by HBV and HPV.

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