Working under Fire

LifeHealth Paramedics provide life-saving support to people at risk and work closely with global humanitarian aid groups in areas of conflict. The work is extremely high risk, but for many volunteers, making a difference brings its own rewards. “You try and reduce the risk to yourself and the crew, but there comes a point where you just need get on with things and set aside your fears. You wouldn’t do this work otherwise. It’s simply too overwhelming,” says Edward White, founder of LifeHealth.
The War in Ukraine has left millions of people homeless. Over 5 million people have already fled the conflict which exceeds the number of total refugees in the 2015-16 European refugee crisis and the 2014 Russian invasion of Crimea combined. The majority are women and children, as Ukrainian men aged 18-60 are conscripts. Many displaced individuals are fleeing to Poland, which is near Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. Many have been forced to leave the majority of their possessions behind which has caused untold suffering especially amongst children. Immediate relief is needed to support those without transport. Medical aid, thermal blankets, cash assistance to help families resettle are essential.

Ambulances in Ukraine have become targets in Russian invasion
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The War in Ukraine is causing unimaginable suffering