Support Lifehealth

Lifehealth relies on a group of rapid response volunteers to assist people impacted by humanitarian crises. Made up of paramedics, nurses and ex-military, we work in over 20 crisis-affected countries throughout Europe and the Middle East.  We deliver lasting impact by providing ambulance care, water, food, medicines and relief to those who are in desperate need of help.

Saving lives is our number one priority. Responding to global disasters and civic emergencies is part of our goal to restore hope and opportunity in the lives of those most affected.

With volunteers dotted along the border in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, Lifehealth is providing protection and humanitarian assistance to women and children impacted by shelling, emergency aid assistance and protection. Winter relief is also provided for displaced people in need as plunging temperatures mean high thermal blankets can make all the difference between life and death.

We urgently need cash donations to deliver supplies and aid to refugees from Ukraine and those who are displaced within the country so they can purchase the essentials they need. Your donation will make a huge difference to the lives of women and children who have lost everything. Our teams are on the ground right now working with forcibly displaced people and providing them with life-saving aid, shelter and support.

We urgently need several fully equipped emergency vehicles to transport injured civilians streaming across the Ukrainian border. Many are children suffering from dehydration, hypothermia and PTSD, while others are elderly refugees unable to walk. Please give whatever you can to assist.

This page reflects our organisation’s leadership capacity, strategic planning and the ability to readily innovate or respond to changes to achieve Lifehealth’s mission of saving lives.