Over 4 million Ukrainian’s are now homeless

Refugee arrivals are met by volunteers who distribute food, water and other essentials.

About us

LifeHealth, launched in 2012 by Journalist and Humanitarian, Edward White, is made up of multi-national EMT’s, paramedics, firefighters, ex-military and dedicated human rights activists. As an independent support group we are a rapid response organisation delivering medical aid and support to individuals and communities across the globe. Our equipment and staff are not funded by the government, HHS/NHS/HSE, ambulance service or National Lottery. LifeHealth is wholly funded by public donations.


Wherever the crisis and whatever the need, we are there

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The Plight of Innocents

Over 50,000 people per day are fleeing Ukraine

Frequently Asked Questions From Volunteers

How do I get a volunteer visa for Ukraine?

Contact your nearest Ukrainian Embassy. Applicants can get a temporary residence permit or apply to the Ukrainian diplomatic mission for a long-term visa type D-10.


By Laurie D.

What type of volunteer support is needed?

Volunteers visiting Poland or Ukraine should register at #PomagamUkrainie, detailing what type of assistance they can provide including contact details.

By Matt R.

What’s a good starting point for volunteers?

Dozens of volunteers from around the world are travelling to Poland to help refugees fleeing the violence. Check with #PomagamUkrainie for advice before travelling.


By Luke M.